Plants arranged on a side table with a watering can and plant mister. A woman sits in the background on a patterned chair reading a book.

Slow down, plant up.

With everything you need to make your house plants feel at home.

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“Welcome to Hilda, thanks so much for visiting.
There are exciting new products in the store, the first Hilda Originals, and Free Shipping for all orders over £30.
Take a look around and message me if you have any questions x”
Love, Rosanna. Founder of Hilda.

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Rosanna Costello is shown in her house plant jungle, with a cup of coffee and a beautiful smile on her face.

Who is Hilda?

"Hilda's the green-fingered best mate plant lovers wish they had, helping houseplants thrive.

Whether you're a hopeful hobbyist or a planty pro, Hilda's by your side as your plants (and you) grow."

- Rosanna, founder of Hilda

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“A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house.”
Beth Ditto

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