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Spring Kit - Houseplant Spring Care

£ 30.00 GBP

Discover the Houseplant Spring Care curated kit and get your houseplants ready for spring with your seasonal kit. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to give them a little trim, repot any shapeshifters and keep everyone nice and hydrated. Using the Niwaki Houseplant snips is such a joy, they even make that satisfying 'schmpf' noise when the Carbon Steel blades come together. The precision point snips also make it easy to get in to snip right where you want to on those smaller or more delicate houseplants. If the changing of the seasons has made you realise your houseplants are out growing their current house, use the Coco & Coir compost brick to re-pot them and cheer them up. Made from coconut husks, a natural waste product of the coconut growing industry, once hydrated, the compost has a natural resistance to disease and retains water well whilst also giving good aeration for roots.To finish off the Houseplant Spring Care Kit and make sure you're fully equipped and ready to grow, our Moisture Meter and Bamboo cloth are the perfect pair. Use the Moisture Meter to check if your houseplants really do need watering (and if the needle points to wet, put down that watering can and walk on by!), and follow up with a gentle wipe of their leaves using the Bamboo cloth. Keeping your houseplants leaves dust free and watering only when the soil is ready is one of the best ways to make your houseplants feel at home.


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