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Plant Pot Gift Pack

£ 22.00 GBP

Slow down, plant up, with this Plant Pot gift pack. We've included the essentials you need to plant up your favourite houseplant simply and easily into this stylish Hexagon Plant Pot and Saucer. This gift pack includes a small (650g) brick of Coco & Coir peat free compost. The brick is made from 100% natural coconut husks, a waste product of the coconut growing industry, and has natural resistance to diseases whilst retaining water well and giving good aeration for roots. Pop the brick in a tub or container and add water. Wait for the water to absorb and fluff up the compost - you're ready to plant up! For this gift pack you can also choose from 3 different colours of hexagon pot - Black, Blue Grey or Sage Green. The Hexagon pots are made from ceramic with a matt finish. The drainage hole and saucer means your chances of over watering your plants and making them sad go way down, combined with the Coco & Coir compost your plants will be very happy! *Plants not included


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