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Plant Lovers Essential Gift Pack

£ 49.00 GBP

The perfect gift pack for the plant lover in your life (even if that plant lover is you!). The Essential Gift Pack comes with everything you need to keep your plants happy and healthy. The handmade, stainless steel Haws Watering Can makes topping up your plants a joy with the precision spout and 1 pint water capacity; but better use your moisture meter first to check if the plant needs watering - we don't want any soggy bottoms for our beloved houseplants! Use the natural fibre Bamboo Cloth to wipe down the moisture meter after use and also to give your plants leaves a gentle dusting so they can photosynthesise to the max even with our reduced daylight hours. Finally, keep the humidity up this winter, as our central heating comes on our plants really feel the heat, using the Hilda mister to quickly and easily spray a fine mist of water over your parched plants. There is a space at checkout to add a gift message and we can send this directly to the recipient, ready for them to open with delight.


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