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Hori Hori

£ 24.00 GBP

Have you ever heard of a Hori Hori? No, I hadn't either. Until I had, and I used one and wondered how I'd ever deal with a big, or pot bound, houseplant again! With a carbon steel blade running through into the handle, the Hori Hori is tough and strong and perfect at getting into that plant that has been in the corner forever and has become one with its pot. It also makes the perfect gift for that planty friend who *thought* they had everything, well, now they do! The Hori Hori comes with a tough canvas holster to keep it safe when you're not using it. Made in Japan with a FSC Beech Wood handle it has a 17cm blade, which it's best to clean off after use, before storing back in the holster.


These look nice