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Hilda's Summer Curated Kit

£ 32.00 GBP

Discover this season’s curated kit. It’s summer. So you’re bound to be outside as much as possible (BBQs and picnics for the win!). Let’s keep it simple and chic indoors to minimise your efforts. This season’s kit is designed to bring some much-needed cool into your home with our matt-black ceramic hexagon pot and tray. Alongside your choice of Hilda's exclusive houseplant artwork depicting a few favourite plants in dip pen and ink single line prints. Perfect for adding some funky vibes to your space. These pieces have been hand drawn by Lucy in Fort William, taking inspiration from a range of Hilda's most loved plants. The high quality A4 print is on Hahnemühle Agave paper at 290 gsm weight. A beautiful paper in its own right, it is made from 70% Agave Sisal fibres and 30% Cotton. The Agave paper has a subtly delicate textured finish that gives a sense of depth to the final print, contrasting strongly with the deep black print of the single line artwork. The textured finish means it can be displayed as it is, as the paper quality allows it to stand alone, without need of a glass frame and mount board.


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