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Heiki Fern

£ 32.00 GBP

The Heiki Fern is a beautiful handmade planter, perfect as a throne for your favourite houseplant. Made from sustainable Portuguese cork, it has a simple and strong green top that lifts the overall aesthetic and helps to highlight your happy houseplant. The width of the Heiki Fern makes it fun to play around with shapes; a tall, spiky cactus looks like it's on a pedestal, or a delicate string of hearts contrasts with the brutalist design aesthetic. Each piece is handmade and so no two are identical. The Heiki Fern interior measures 8.5cm x 7cm height approximately. The external dimensions measure 11.5cm x 8cm height approximately and it comes with a care guide to help you look after your cork. *Plants not included


These look nice