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Crystal Terrarium

£ 55.00 GBP

The Crystal Terrarium is more elaborate and ornate than the simpler Pyramid terrarium. The decorative nature reminds me of antique victorian glass terrariums and is a real feature piece. The Crystal looks beautiful planted up with a mini orchid, or if you have a particularly large Cactus that could do with some protection (for you as well as the Cactus!). Measuring approximately 12cm x 12cm x 35cm the Crystal Terrarium is handmade in Somerset using recycled glass. Please be aware as this terrarium is handmade it is not completely sealed, and so when watering the terrarium then water will drain out from the bottom. This is good for our plants and reduces the risk of watering, please ensure the terrarium is moved or on a drip tray before watering *Plants not included


These look nice