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Coco and Coir Small Houseplant Soil

£ 5.99 GBP

If your houseplant friends are looking a little lacklustre, they might need a soil re-fresh. This Coco & Coir peat free CocoGrow brick is just the answer. The Coco & Coir brick is 100% natural and super easy to use to re-pot your houseplants or re-fresh their top soil. Made from coconut husks, a natural waste product of the coconut growing industry. It has a natural resistance to disease and retains water well, giving good aeration for roots. Coco & Coir is so easy to use, just pop the brick in a tub or container and add water. Wait for the water to absorb and then fluff up the compost and off you go! This brick is 650g.


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